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We cared on rescuing and enhancing the elegance of the real woman

Since our beginnings in 2013, we’ve been a Chilean brand in charge of dressing real women, through designs that rescue contemporary femininity, maintaining a simple, comfortable and minimalist style. 

Their collections are based on a classic style of simple lines, but at the time is playful and unique..

Our team, led by María Teresa Barrios Cienfuegos, creative director; has as main objective: to contribute and to promote the intrinsic elegance of the real woman, valuing the comfort and co-creating the identity of each one of them, through carefully made garments.

It’s for this reason that we continuously work in seasonal collections, all of which are designed by our creative director, who also actively participates in the manufacturing process, thus ensuring, one of the most important values of the brand: “well done creations".

In essence, we are a high-end prêt-a-porter women's clothing brand with a high level of commitment to our clients

and the environment

To keep and strengthen our essence, our proposal is based on delivering exclusive, durable and quality garments.


In addition to the above, our work is based on main values, which allow us to be faithful to our essence, they are:

Timeless Pieces: we create garments with a real commitment of durability.

Exclusivity: each garment manages a limit of production, which cannot exceed 15 units.

Be in Touch: we care about delivering a quality service to our clients, ensuring a constant and fluid

communication and a personalized treatment.

Well done creations: our products are made with high quality standards by our creative director and her

support team.

Environmental Commitment: we seek to ensure the lowest levels of contamination in each of our production

processes, in addition to having a 100% reusable packaging.

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